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Partner Benefits

Explore the benefits of EUCAS and see what we can do for our partners.

EUCAS is a unique, digital search and apply platform for international students to study in Europe. Use this service to offer your candidates a way to make their University applications faster, cheaper, and easier to apply. Also, provide prospective students addon services, in addition to their application process, which will make it more accessible and pleasant for them.

Attractive services

We help you provide a wide range of additional services to your candidates and build personalized programs for everyone. We support scholarship guidance, nostrification services, visa guidance, airport transfer, accommodation, part-time job search and care packages etc. This helps you support candidates to overcome challenges and get the most from their potential.

Redefined marketing

Each new partner is unique and deserves to stand out in the crowd! We help create individual marketing packages for each partner individually. From preparing an offer, finalizing content, promoting your brand, we help you do it all. We help you shape your brand, build a strong presence, increase conversion rates, and develop internal processes for working with partners.

Candidate management

No matter how big you are, you can manage all your applicants from one platform without any extra cost. We streamline the entire application process and help you manage it efficiently from all the universities from your dashboard. From the initial offer to accepting an admission reply, we provide a complete solution to save your time.

Transparent assessments

With a transparent assessment process, your candidate has more to gain from assessments that are clear and easily understood to ensure fair and objective feedback. Easy to understand assessment criteria ensures fairness. If your candidate is assessed in the same way, you and they know what to expect.

Pre departure services

Planning is an important part of travelling. The best way to prepare candidates for their chosen study abroad experience is to keep them informed about all the different things they will encounter. Our pre-departure services are designed to provide you with all the information your candidates need before they arrive at their new home in Europe. The pre-departure module educates them on the information about the environment, culture, living, working, and travelling in their destination.

Post arrival support

As soon as you have found a place your candidates wants to study, the next step is to look at all the different aspects. There are other important tasks to be done before their big move such as finding out what sort of activities and facilities are available at the university, how to travel safely, accommodation, scholarships available and health insurance to settling in, our services ensure that your candidates are fully equipped to face this new phase of his or her life.