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EUCAS provides comprehensive, consistent services that are designed to fit the needs of universities looking for international students. You'll discover we're committed to helping you promote your university at every stage of the process.

From student recruitment to onboard placement, student profile assessment, application management portal, marketing, advisory services for universities and more.


EUCAS has everything you need to manage your admissions process. There has never been a more convenient way to access student information and review student applications.

EUCAS is designed to fit your institution's branding, allowing you to create an international recruitment solution that effectively showcases your unique identity. With EUCAS, you can calculate your yield, build profiles, showcase your campus life, and simplify your admissions process. All while automating communication between you and applicants.


EUCAS provides a fast and simple way to gain insight into your admissions Strategy. Your dashboard provides you with a visual snapshots of current and historical applicant trends, helping you to make informed decisions based on accurate business intelligence.

EUCAS dashboard reveals trends and opportunities such as trends in applicant numbers, successful applicants by nationality, demographics, and course choice.


Our targeted student recruitment solution increases your recruitment pool, improves conversion rates, and saves you much needed resources.

Gain time, increase the number of qualified applicants, and reduce costs with a comprehensive Applicant Management System. Our solution includes: candidate sourcing, application tracking, resume management, interview scheduling and on-line evaluations.


We offer highly specialized, tailored service to give you the best experience possible. Think of us as your personal technology concierge. We evaluate your requirements, preferences, and objectives to create a strategic plan that achieves the right balance, maximising efficiency, and return.

We also provide you with an industry expert recruitment consultant or team dedicated to your University from start to end. This allows our specialists the resources to go deeper and further into the passive candidate market to identify candidates not known via traditional channels. We step in to make sure you take care of what you need to without you having to worry about navigating the process alone.