Become a EUCAS Partner

Our certified partners can access multiple European Universities with a single contract for FREE.

One contract for all Universities & Courses

As a global digital platform, we are proud to partner with you and your candidate. Our partnership enables you to help your candidates manage their applications across European Universities in one place without any additional costs! You can save time and money by partnering up with us for a more streamlined application process that is customized just for your needs

Our Platform

  • Attractive services

    We help you provide a wide range of additional services to your candidates and build personalized programs for everyone

  • Redefined marketing

    Each new partner is unique and deserves to stand out in the crowd! We help create individual marketing packages for each partner individually

  • Candidate management

    We streamline the entire application process - from the initial offer to accepting an admission reply, we provide a complete solution to save your time

  • Transparent assessments

    Easy to understand assessment criteria ensures fairness and help your provide objective feedback to your candidates

  • Pre departure services

    Our pre-departure services are designed to provide you with all the information your candidates need before they arrive at their new home in Europe

  • Post arrival support

    Having just arrived in their destination, your candidates may need help with settling in. EUCAS provides guidance with opening a bank account, documentation as well as local travel guidance

How we’re different...

Global Accessibility

We help students find great courses and colleges across Europe, so that they can get the most out of their education.

Fair & Transparent

Our partners are given updates about new offers and placement conditions ahead of time. We always pay on time, sign transparent contracts with simple terms.

Built-in Compliance

Our team of experts automatically help keep your candidate compliant, including access to professional guidance from advisors throughout the process.

Data and Insights

We provide you with valuable data and insights to help you make better decisions and offer dedicated support to increase your productivity.

Effortless VISA Compliance

Keeping a candidate compliant with the visa procedure can be a full-time job. Let us do most of the work for you with on time support.

Grow with EUCAS

Offer add-on services to your candidates to help drive your growth

Benefits of EUCAS

Added benefits of EUCAS

We help you provide a wide range of additional services to your candidates and build personalized programs for everyone. We support scholarship guidance, nostrification services, visa guidance, airport transfer, accommodation, part-time job search and care packages etc.

Compensation Management

Competitive offers

Attract and retain top talent with competitive offers focusing on singular consistent communication spread across several channels and achieve your specific business goal.