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How to Apply

Follow this simple guide to apply to your favourite course successfully

Many have tried to navigate the University application process for studying abroad, but don't know where to start. The application process can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be! Whether you need help with your university's application or visa paperwork, EUCAS will guide you through the steps of applying for your favourite courses in Europe. These are the steps you need to apply for any European university.

  • Choose where and what you’d like to study

     Search for courses and Universities

     Check admission criteria, fees and deadlines.

     Compare different courses

  • Login to EUCAS and complete your profile

     Create your free account in EUCAS

     Complete your EUCAS profile

     Fill in all the required information

  • Fill in your contact details and educational history

     Add your contact details

     Fill in your educational history

     Assemble all required documents

  • Submit all your documents and complete your profile

     Upload all the requested documents (only once)

     Check if all documents are uploaded properly

     Verify your profile summary before submission

  • Pay the EUCAS service fee to process your application

     Apply to the selected courses

     Pay your EUCAS service fees

     Get your profile verified by EUCAS

  • Pay the University application fees once you are verified

     Fill in any missing documents requested by EUCAS

     Get confirmation from EUCAS for application

     Proceed to pay your application fees

  • Wait for a response from the University

     Get updates from EUCAS about the admissions process

     Check your dashboard from time to time

     Stay updated on the process

  • Accept an offer and pay your tuition fees to secure your place

     Get the initial offer letter from your University

     Pay the tuition fees to your University

     Get the acceptance letter to process your visa

  • Start your student visa process

     Get the visa checklist from EUCAS

     Prepare all the necessary documents

     Get the visa and start planning your trip


Apart from processing your applications, EUCAS also provides valuable add-on services directly or through our partners. After you receive your offer letter, you will be provided pre-departure and post- arrival assistance packages that you can pick and choose from. Our offer includes – pre departure guides, travel support, visa assistance as well as post arrival in your destination. Call to action: students@eucas.net


Your entry into most courses will be assessed based on your academic qualifications and results. Some courses also have additional selection criteria such as an interview, reference, or entrance test, which are considered either instead of, or together with, your academic qualifications.

Each institution sets its own admission requirements, and applicants are accepted only if they meet these requirements. Some courses do not have aggressive admission requirements, so you just need to apply. Please read the specific course pages for more details. Selection is a competitive process and depends on how well you meet the selection criteria for each course.

Some of our candidates apply to at least a couple of other universities just to receive an offer to the course to which they have applied for. However, keep an eye on the dates and be quick to apply to your preferred course to process your visa and arrange other travel requirements.