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Key Dates

The demands of Courses and Universities in Europe are many and diverse.

A successful admissions process is based on meeting deadlines and knowing key dates. You have to know all the important dates for your application to schools and universities in Europe so you don't miss anything!


Your deadline is the last date you can apply to the course, which is listed in the course page.

Visa application date

This is the date you need to apply for a visa, some embassies stop processing well in advance for student visas. So, consider applying for a visa as soon as possible once you receive the final confirmation letter from your University.

Enrolment date

The candidate needs to register themselves in their University to get their student card. Only then a candidate is considered as a student at that University and start their classes. Candidates are encouraged to enrol themselves at least two weeks prior to their course start date.

Course start date

The day when the course starts i.e., when you must start classes. Universities expect their students to enrol themselves well in advance to attend classes.