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We work with universities to lower the barriers of higher education for international students in Europe. The scholarship programs are designed to help everyone access their potential no matter what educational or financial disadvantages they face.


We work with universities and colleges all over the EU to help widen participation for low-income students, first generation college-goers, or any other group facing educational disadvantages. The scholarship programs are designed specifically to combat inequalities that may exist due simply because someone was born into a certain demographic. Learn more about the different types of scholarships here:

Institution Scholarships

Institution Scholarships: these are funded by individual institutions and their value; eligibility criteria and duration differ between institutions.

International Scholarships

These are funded by the European Government and are not covered on this website. Most institutions also offer merit scholarships: apply directly to the institution for these.

EUCAS Scholarships

Institution Scholarships: these are funded by individual institutions and their value; eligibility criteria and duration differ between institutions.


To apply for a Scholarship, you must be enrolled at a EUCAS participating institution, or applying for admission to a EUCAS participating institution for undergraduate or postgraduate study (only a very limited number of scholarships open to international applicants), or directly to an institution through the Admissions Centre after arrival.
Most applicants who receive a scholarship can demonstrate conditions specified by the institution.
Details of requirements for individual scholarships can be found on the institution websites.


Scholarships are competitive, and meeting eligibility criteria does not guarantee the awarding of a scholarship. You must compete for scholarships, and the number of applicants usually greatly exceeds the number of available scholarships. If you rank high on the eligibility criteria, your chances of winning a scholarship will be higher.
When an applicant is turned down for a scholarship, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are not in need, but that there are others who were deemed to be in greater need by the program's assessment criteria.


Masters in Data Science



DEADLINE: 15.12.2021


  • 80% in Bachelors Degree 
  • IELTS 6.5


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Can I apply to multiple scholarships?

Yes, but make sure to understand the requirements before applying.

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Do you offer scholarship information for international students?

Yes, scholarship offers are available. EUCAS will provide you with necessary guidance to apply.

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Do you guarantee a scholarship if you apply through EUCAS?

No, scholarships are offered by the Universities to the students, EUCAS can provide guidance to the students to apply.

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I was offered a scholarship but I was asked to pay additional fees, why?

Scholarships are offered on different categories. Usually, scholarships are offered for the tuition fees but your student dorm fees, library fees are not included. You’ll get detailed information when you are offered a scholarship.

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What are the requirements to apply for a scholarship?

The requirements for the scholarships are usually mentioned in the course page along with detailed information about selections.

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